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porter walking on ice - bare feeted - Chadar Expedition

One of my Chadar Expedition I saw a porter walking on ice with bare feet to save his shoes getting wet from melted ice and water .. great tribute to the river .. “Class six rapids in summer, classic winter highway for centuries — the River Zanskar in Ladakh, boasts many distinctions. The most recent thrust upon it has been that of offering the “wildest trek” in the world, where temperatures often goes to -30° at night and day -10° to -15° is normal, the ice puzzle constantly shifting to take your breath away, it’s a claim few dispute. There are few if any adventure treks on our planet to match the Chadar winter expedition for sheer, awe inspiring winter beauty and none to match it in terms of day to day challenge and excitement. Even today, when trekkers with crampons walked to their boots troop on behind local porters and guide, the locals pray for the river to forgive them.

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"adventure is the blurred line separating stupidity & bravery. you are never sure which side you stand on.." I'm computer idiot.... although I like computers & network engineer, I feel, caught in wrong job .. Looking for right place in mountains and feel too.. It is better to die in mountains, than in hospital bed.


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