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Korzok Winter Game In Winter kinds have nothing to do anytime is a game time for them, they really don't need expensive toys to keep them happy. A round box plastic cover and a piece of metal cable is enough to make a toy and they enjoy enough with lots of cheers !! The word ‘Korzok’ is a combination of two words, namely ‘Kor’ meaning a place in the Ladakhi language and ‘Zok’ which is said to be a came from the word ‘dzot-pa’ meaning “manager”. Zok and together with Kor came to be known as “Korzok”. One more explanation attributed is that shepherds working for the monasteries in the nearby hamlets kept the king’s cattle at this place, not only to tend them but to also extract milk, cheese and butter. Hence, the place came to be known as “Korzok”. It is said that the nomads were exploited by the Monastery as they were paid very meagre amounts for the services rendered. Hence the place was given the name 'Korzok' (meaning: acquired by unfair means) This place known for a large lake near by - Tso Moriri
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  • f 10.0
  • ISO [200, 200]
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"adventure is the blurred line separating stupidity & bravery. you are never sure which side you stand on.." I'm computer idiot.... although I like computers & network engineer, I feel, caught in wrong job .. Looking for right place in mountains and feel too.. It is better to die in mountains, than in hospital bed.


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