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One of my favorite model for Holi pictures Let's learn more about history and significance of HOLI... and this adorable kid told me .. who cares about History .. Lets play " HOLI " The festival of Holi can be regarded as a celebration of the Colors of Unity & Brotherhood - an opportunity to forget all differences and indulge in unadulterated fun. It has traditionally been celebrated in high spirit without any distinction of cast, creed, color, race, status or sex. It is one occasion when sprinkling colored powder ('gulal') or colored water on each other breaks all barriers of discrimination so that everyone looks the same and universal brotherhood is reaffirmed. This is one simple reason to participate in this colorful festival.
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  • NIKON D700
  • 9999/1000000 sec
  • f 5.3
  • ISO [200, 200]
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"adventure is the blurred line separating stupidity & bravery. you are never sure which side you stand on.." I'm computer idiot.... although I like computers & network engineer, I feel, caught in wrong job .. Looking for right place in mountains and feel too.. It is better to die in mountains, than in hospital bed.


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