Serene Hill Side

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Manali Motors Spiti expedition (Demo)

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Manali Motors Ladakh expedition (Demo)

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Goose Homestay

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Rothang Pass Cycling trip (Demo)

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List of food and accommodation stops on the Manali - Leh highway (for cyclists)..
Based on my experience while cycling the Manali - Leh route (in Oct 2010) i've compiled a list of..
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Biking Ladakh : some practical tips to motor-biking in Ladakh
If you love the mountains and love the freedom & the pure wind-in-your-face exhilaration of bi..
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Cycling around the Pangong Lake in Ladakh
This is probably the most funnest, the easiest (after ChangLa), friendliest and the most visual..
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List of wildlife volunteering programs across India..
Wildlife volunteering programs offer a great way for someone to experience the rich biodiversity o..
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Man vs Elephant - some thoughts on the conflict
Recently i saw a program on NGC about the conflict between elephants and humans in India and aroun..
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The best cycling routes in Ladakh
Ladakh is a cycling paradise. There is no question about it. The quiet roads, the friendly locals,..
@saravana | #Ladakh |
Cycling from Leh to Tso Moriri Lake (and back via TsoKar)
Tsomoriri is, in my opinion the most beautiful of all the 3 big lakes in Ladakh. So a trip ther..
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Getting to know the Mountain ranges of Ladakh
Ladakh, the 'Land of the High Passes' lies among some of the most magnificent mountain ranges of t..
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