Mayur Restaurant


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Good Indian food, Nice quiet atmosphere and Reasonable prices makes it the best Indian dining experience in Manali

Located on Mission Road, just off the main Mall Road in Manali, this quiet little restaurant does not attract many tourists. But dont let that fool you into thinking that the food here is no good. Its great. 

In my 3 visits to Manali, i must have eaten at the Mayur restaurant some 5 or 6 times and the food has been great each time. The interiors of the restaurant are bright and clean. And very quiet since it was located in a side street of the main Mall road and attracted very little visitors.

I especially liked the Chicken Saagwalla (Chicken cooked with green spinach) and their Biryanis. The prices were also reasonable, about 50% less than that of the Sher-E-Punjabji restaurant located on the Mall road (i found that the restaurants on the Mall road all charge exorbitant prices compared to restaurants of similar quality & standards in the side streets of Manali.

For example the Chicken Biryani at the Mayur restaurant was 150Rs, where as it costs 220Rs at the Sher-E-Punjabi restaurant. A roti that costs 10Rs at Mayur costs 15Rs at Sher-E-Punjabi etc.

In conclusion, If you are in Manali and want to try some good Indian food. Just head down to the Mayur restaurant, you wont be disappointed.