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Enabling travelers and travel businesses to effortlessly build their online presence and share their stories and services to a global audience.
Designed for Travel
Kettik's blogging platform was designed specifically for travel. All the content created on the platform is organised hierarchically by location, making it easy for travellers to browse and find content based on the destinations they are interested in.
On Kettik you are not alone, neither is your website. You are part of a growing travel community where your posts and photos get spread around based on their location and their area of interest. Users can follow one other, share and promote each other's content. 
1 Click Website Design
Our panel based websites lets you effortlessly change the look of your websites by adding, removing and swapping out different panels to your hearts content. Website design has never been this easy. 

Our Team

Not As big as you might think !

Saravana Kumar

Kettik is not being created by large teams working in cramped cubicles in a big city somewhere in the world. I have been working on it since 2010, on the road - from the beaches of Thailand to the high mountains of the Himalayas. Infact most of the work on the site has been done in 2014 all from a tiny village in the beautiful Indian Himalayas - on a shoestring budget of less than 200$ per month for my living costs.
All users start with our free starter account. The starter account comes with 100MB storage and gives you full access to all our personal and business publishing tools. Buy additional storage in 2GB increments for 20$ whenever you run out of space. The storage upgrades have lifetime validity, so you don't have to worry about recurring bills.

Start designing your website with the starter account and pay only when your website is ready to go live. You need to purchase a subscription for each website that you want to publish.
  • Free

    Just enough to get you started
  • Starter Account

  • 100MB Storage
  • Blog Posts, Galleries, Reviews & Videos
  • Hotel listings with Booking
  • Event listings with Booking
  • 60$

    Per Website. Yearly.
  • Website Plus

  • Publish your Own Website
  • Custom Domain or Subdomain for Website
  • Mix & Match Panel Based Website Design
  • Free Website Themes
  • Social & SEO Optimization
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • 20$

    One-time payment. Life-time Validity
  • +2GB Storage

  • Purchase additional storage in 2GB increments whenever you need it.  There is no recurring fees involved here. You pay 20$ and 2GB of additional storage will be added to you account with life-time validity and to be used across all your websites.